​HOPE of the Grand Valley
P.O. Box 532
Fruita, CO  81521​​
"KJCT News 8 is proud to have helped raise awareness for such a beneficial program in our community. Hope of the Grand Valley does so much for so many and we're just glad we can do our part to get that message out."--Dylan Hardy - Creative Services Manager
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​​​​​​"We believe in supporting those in the Valley that give tirelessly to help others. The compassion shown by Hope of the Grand Valley reminds all of us that no matter what our circumstance, good people are here to help".--Randy Stone
President/General Manager
KFQX (Fox)
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​​"Blessed is the community that has an organization like Hope of the Grand Valley! Their work has become an important link in the continuum of services available in Mesa County, and a lifeline for many. HOPE is an organization that does its work without fanfare, yet steadfastly provides every day for those who live in the shadows of life.--​​ Illene Roggensack
​Third Sector Innovations

"HOPE of the Grand Valley was selected because the organization meets the criteria below and many of us here at Grand Villa have witnessed the positive impact Hope of the Grand Valley has our local Community. We are proud to support you in your mission and Hope to plant a mustard seed!"--Grand Villa Senior Living-Community Benefit Program


​​​When you are struggling just to pay the rent and because you are working you can't get help from governmental agencies, where do you turn? Or, if you are a single mom and just need a little guidance and training in the basics, who can help?  

​​HOPE of the Grand Valley will give these people that hand up that they so desperately need to become contributing members of society and keep them off of government assistance. At Handy Works, we believe that God has a plan for all of us and part of that plan is simply helping where we can.--HANDY WORKS, LLC​

We support HOPE of the Grand Valley because "Comcast Cares"--Comcast Spotlight
​-Grand Junction​​​


​​​We believe in HOPE of the Grand Valley because it is focusing on hard working families/single parents in our community that want a" hand up and not a hand out." We believe that we have a much stronger community when we take responsibility for our neighbors in need and can assist them in helping themselves to stay off government assistance when possible. We have many very generous people in our community and hope of the grand valley is another way for us to partner with our finances, skills and talents to help our community.
This is the passion of HOPE of the Grand Valley- to meet needs, walk alongside our neighbors, to shine that light in a dark place and let everyone know that there is always hope.--Ron and Mary Eisenman​​


We at Your HOA Team believe in Hope of the Grand Valley because we know secure families are the foundation of good communities.--Barbara Lucks
Your HOA Team


​​I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you and your organization does for families here in the Grand Valley. I especially appreciate the fact that Hope of the Grand Valley concentrates on hard working families and single parents that are not just looking for a ‘handout but a handup”. We are all aware that bad things can happen to good people and I truly respect those people that have experienced adversity and are working to improve their situation. Providing assistance to these deserving people is a definate need and I am thankful that we here at our locally owned and operated Timberline Bank are in a position to contribute.
Thank you,
Jeff Taets
President - Timberline Bank

“God has blessed us so much. It is our desire to give back to those less fortunate. If it were not for the grace of God we would find ourselves in the same situation. We wish we could give more to such a worthy cause.” ---Bonnie & Sandi
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“There are many families that are struggling to get by now. They are the working poor. They want to take care of their families, but sometimes they need a little help. If every business, church or individual here in the Grand Valley would commit to helping out each month I think you would see more people moving towards being self sufficient instead of going on the system to survive. I also see the increase in our suicide rates here in Mesa County a real red flag that there are many that have given up hope. That is why we feel very strongly that Hope of the Grand Valley is so important. I do thank God for loving us and meeting our needs. Often he brings people into our lives who need to see God's love and care. This gives us an opportunity to do that.”---Craig & Aleta Beaslin
​Carpets Done Right

“As a pastor in Grand Junction, it's not hard to learn that there are people in our community falling through some cracks in getting the support they need to find hope and a better way of life. However, it can be very hard to know who the people are and work with them directly to get what they desperately need! That's why I, and my congregation love supporting Hope of the Grand Valley. Vicki and her volunteers are in the places and relationships where the people need her to be in order to get assistance.
I trust Vicki explicitly to carry out her God-given purpose in helping our neighbors. We will continue backing HOPE with our funding, facilities, and relationships so that HOPE can continue serving God's people in need---Rev. Blaine Scott
​ First United Methodist Church
​ Grand Junction


We support Hope of the Grand Valley because HOPE seeks to come alongside and work with people, instead of simply doing something for people.

Jesus said that much would be required of those to whom much has been given, and Hope provides an opportunity to do just that—to do what Christ calls us to do—to feed the hungry, clothe the naked.

Through HopeGV we get to offer these basest necessities to those who are working hard, but barely getting by. Hope also provides opportunities to come alongside those who find themselves in crisis. Getting blindsided by life is something most people have suffered.

Why not come together and make it possible for a family to not only survive, but to thrive? After all, this is what it means to live in community.

Let’s make it the best community possible!

Brad & Laura Cartwright
​​​​ ************************************************************************************************************************ Robinson & Co Realty made a donation to HOPE of the Grand Valley on behalf of the Pigford Family Trust and the Pickford/Brown families. Geri Robinson, the Broker/Owner of the company donates as regularly as possible to local charities in our community, and felt that this was an important gift to give to the family in lieu of a regular closing gift. Geri has also supported HOPE of the Grand Valley in the past with their Buy a Brick program, and has offered to help with a young mother & baby program once the house is up and going. They wish HOPE of the Grand Valley all the best in making their mission and vision a reality.--Robinson & Co Realty
HOPE of the Grand Valley’s mission is a hand up, not a hand out, by fostering and encouraging independence and self-sufficiency for low-income families.

WMD was started by Anna and David Barrier in August 2012. At the time Anna and David were taking a leap of faith that the business would grow into the small empire it is today. Anna and David have not forgotten all their past struggles and now have committed to take a stand with Hope Of The Grand Valley.